MS Sufferer Battles for Early Pension Release

A 51-year old Multiple Sclerosis sufferer battled for 18 months to access her pension early… until a popular website contacted her pension company. Her requests to her pension company, to find out if she could withdraw money early because of her illness,  were repeatedly ignored.

This is Money reports –

“A 51-year-old saver diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis has tried unsuccessfully for the past 18 months to discover if she can draw an early pension from ex-employer Premier Foods… Jane Walker and her husband Gary, from Heswall in Merseyside, say repeated requests for help and information from Premier’s pension scheme since April 2015 were ignored, and they were unable even to establish how much her final salary pot was worth… However, after This is Money rang Premier, a company spokesman got back to us on the same day to say Mrs Walker would be eligible to draw from her pension.”