Saga Unveils New Mortgage Platform for Over-55s

Saga, a company renowned for catering to the older generation, has just launched an innovative one-stop mortgage platform. This new service aims to simplify the home loan process for a demographic that often faces unique financial challenges.

All-In-One Platform

Saga’s latest offering is a comprehensive platform that brings together mortgage deals from an impressive 110 lenders. This means customers can effortlessly compare and apply for a variety of mortgage products all in one place. The platform includes a wide range of options such as repayment, interest-only, and buy-to-let loans, ensuring that there’s something for every need and circumstance.

Partnership with Tembo

The Saga Mortgages platform is created in collaboration with Tembo, a mortgage broker. This partnership is a strategic move in Saga’s ongoing efforts to establish itself as a ‘superbrand’ for the older population in the UK.

Innovative Features for Family Support

One of the standout features of the platform is the ability for homeowners to assist their children or grandchildren in buying their first homes. Through income or deposit-boost mortgages available on the platform, parents and grandparents can significantly increase the borrowing capacity of aspiring homeowners in their family.

This initiative not only provides financial support but also strengthens intergenerational bonds, making it easier for the younger generation to step onto the property ladder.

Personalised Service and Expert Advice

Each customer who uses Saga’s mortgage platform is assigned a personal case manager. This individual is responsible for liaising with lenders, solicitors, and sellers, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process for the customer. This level of personalised service is particularly valuable for those who may find the mortgage process daunting or complex.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

Alex Edmans, the head of financial services at Saga Money, emphasises the platform’s user-friendly and supportive nature. He notes, “We have created a service which simplifies the process, providing a personalized range of mortgage options, underpinned by a team of experts to provide advice and support.” This statement underscores Saga’s commitment to delivering a tailored experience that meets the unique needs of its customers.


Saga’s new mortgage platform is more than just a financial tool. It represents a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to addressing the specific mortgage needs of the over-50s demographic. By combining a wide array of options, family support features, and personalized customer service, Saga is setting a new standard in the mortgage industry for older adults in the UK.