How to Help Your Loved Ones Climb the Property Ladder

Today’s skyrocketing property market makes climbing onto the property ladder a Herculean task for many, especially the younger generation. Gone are the days of the 1980s, when buying your first home was relatively straightforward. Back then, the average house could be yours for a mere £22,676, with a £3,000 deposit. Fast forward to the modern era, and the landscape has drastically changed: house prices have soared to an average of £224,353, requiring a hefty £34,000 deposit. This near 890% leap in property costs starkly contrasts with the sluggish wage growth, painting a grim picture for aspiring homeowners.

The Challenge of Getting on the Property Ladder

Today’s first-time buyers are older, more likely to embark on this journey with a partner, and more frequently have dependent children. These changes underscore the growing difficulty younger individuals face in achieving homeownership. Despite these hurdles, hope is not lost. The lending world is continuously innovating, introducing solutions aimed at assisting prospective homeowners in realising their dreams. It’s possible that you could play a pivotal role in making these dreams come true.

The Bank of Mum and Dad

For many, the prospect of homeownership hinges on the support of the “Bank of Mum and Dad.” Over 30% of UK households with dependent children have assets that could be leveraged towards securing a deposit for a home. This trend is expected to rise, with predictions suggesting nearly 40% of first-time buyers may turn to family assistance by 2039/40. If you possess assets that could serve as a stepping stone for your loved ones, you might be holding the key to their future happiness and security.

Joint Borrower, Sole Proprietor Mortgages

Among the myriad of options available, Joint Borrower, Sole Proprietor (JBSP) mortgages are one possibility. These mortgages are designed to bridge the widening gap between salaries and house prices, enabling close family members to support one another in purchasing a home. By allowing the inclusion of additional names on the mortgage, JBSP mortgages increase the collective income considered by lenders, thereby enhancing the borrowing potential.

How JBSP Mortgages Work

A JBSP mortgage permits up to four individuals to jointly secure a mortgage, while only one holds legal ownership of the property. This arrangement is particularly popular among parents aiding their children, but it’s also applicable to siblings or friends who wish to combine their financial strength for a home purchase. The key here is trust and a mutual understanding of each party’s financial situation, as all borrowers share the responsibility for repayments.

The sole proprietor is the only name that appears on the title deeds, meaning the other borrowers have no claim over the property or its value appreciation. This setup is ideal for those wishing to assist with a purchase without maintaining a long-term stake in the property.

JBSP mortgages mirror standard mortgages in operation, requiring a thorough assessment of all borrowers’ finances. They come with specific criteria, including age limits and creditworthiness checks, to ensure the arrangement is suitable and sustainable.

Advantages and Considerations

One significant benefit of a JBSP mortgage is its potential to sidestep the higher Stamp Duty rates typically associated with purchasing a property alongside an existing homeowner. Moreover, planning for unforeseen circumstances, like illness or unemployment, is essential. Income protection insurance can provide a safety net, ensuring mortgage repayments continue uninterrupted during challenging times.

Alternative Paths to Homeownership

For those who find JBSP mortgages or raising a deposit challenging, alternative strategies exist. Using property or savings as security for a mortgage can be a viable option, offering a lifeline to loved ones without the need for a direct cash gift. Various lenders offer products tailored to these circumstances, expanding the toolbox for aspiring homeowners.


As the property market evolves, so do the strategies for achieving homeownership. Whether through the Bank of Mum and Dad, JBSP mortgages, or other creative financing solutions, the dream of owning a home remains within reach. By understanding the options and making informed decisions, you can offer invaluable support to your loved ones on their journey up the property ladder.